Synchronize Data Between Your Esri ArcGIS GeoDatabase and Your Enterprise System

GeoWorx Sync is a powerful tool for synchronizing data that is shared by multiple Enterprise Systems. Organizations use a variety of software such as customer information and billing, work and asset management, network modeling, and geographic information systems (GIS) to manage daily operations. Each system has an independent database used to manage data. In many cases, data related to customers, assets, work, and resources is replicated across Enterprise Systems and quickly becomes unreliable due to an undefined system of record. GeoWorx Sync solves this issue by synchronizing common data stored and managed by independent Enterprise Systems.

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“GeoNexus has created an off-the-shelf product that makes it simple for my staff to manage the complex integration between Esri ArcGIS and Oracle Work and Asset Management System.”
– Dan Meyer, IT Director, City of Clearwater

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Allow Your Enterprise to Operate Independently, as Designed

Enterprise Systems are designed to use their native application database to deliver content and functionality to the end-user. When a system has to link to external databases for information you lose functionality and performance. Synchronizing common data across the enterprise with GeoWorx Sync ensures that your users receive full functionality and optimal performance from their existing enterprise applications.

No Changes Required to Your Data Maintenance Workflows

Some data may be entered into GIS first as a result of the as-built process, while other data may come in through your asset management system as a result of maintenance processes. Regardless of where and when data is entered, GeoWorx Sync ensures it is available to all Enterprise Systems in their native databases.

Install in Minutes with Zero Impact on Your Enterprise

GeoWorx Sync is an autonomous software product that can be installed in minutes. GeoWorx Sync simply connects to your Enterprise System, with no disruption, allowing you to start loading and synchronizing data almost immediately.

Fully Supported and Maintained

Say goodbye to custom code and scripts that are managed internally and require updates when you upgrade your Enterprise System. GeoWorx Sync is fully supported and maintained by GeoNexus. Customers on our maintenance and support plan receive regular patches and upgrades that align with their Enterprise System roadmap.

Robust Data Synchronization

GeoWorx Sync performs a full comparison of data across each Enterprise System every time it is run. This robust method ensures that no data change is missed and a complete synchronization happens every time.

Handles Complex GIS Editing Scenarios

GeoWorx Sync can be configured to handle several linear editing scenarios, including line-splits, so your GIS data remains aligned with assets managed in external systems.

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Intuitive configuration interface
  • Scheduled and on-demand synchronization
  • Advanced reporting capabilities
  • Support for ArcGIS Enterprise REST and ArcGIS Online as data sources
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GeoWorx Sync is Currently Available For:

  • ABB® Ability™ Ellipse
  • Esri ArcGIS (Geodatabase, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Server, Utility Network)
  • IBM® Maximo
  • Oracle® Utilities (C2M and WAM v1.x & v2.x)
  • SAP® ERP – NEW! Schedule a Demo Now! 

Please note: If your enterprise system is not listed, contact us to discuss how we can extend our existing platform to support your needs.

Interested in learning how GeoWorx Sync enables the loosely coupled data model for IBM’s Maximo Spatial? Download this “GeoWorx Sync for Maximo” white paper to learn more.