GeoWorx Sync

Synchronize Data between Your Esri® ArcGIS GeoDatabase and Your Enterprise Systems

GeoWorx Sync is a powerful tool for synchronizing data that is shared by multiple enterprise systems. Organizations use a variety of software such as customer information and billing, work and asset management, network modeling, and geographic information systems (GIS) to manage daily operations. Each system has an independent database used to manage data. In many cases, data related to customers, assets, work, and resources are replicated across enterprise systems and quickly become unreliable due to an undefined system of record. GeoWorx Sync solves this issue by synchronizing common data stored and managed by independent enterprise systems.

We currently support data integration between Esri ArcGIS and ABB Ellipse, IBM Maximo, Oracle Utilities (CC&B and WAM), and SAP.

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Identify and Report on Data Integrity Issues Between Shared Esri ArcGIS and Enterprise System Data

GeoWorx Analyze is a simple, yet a robust tool that identifies and reports on data integrity issues between your shared GIS and EAM data. It’s not unusual for organizations to store common enterprise asset data in their GIS and EAM systems. Unfortunately, sharing enterprise data across multiple platforms instantly increases the chance that your data integrity will be compromised. GeoWorx Analyze can rapidly detect these issues and promote data clean-up efforts, ultimately leading to more reliable and trustworthy enterprise data.

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GeoWorx Office

Deliver Work Management Functionality to Your Esri Web Map

GeoWorx Office is an insertable widget available through Esri’s ArcGIS Web AppBuilder that supports both GIS and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) functionality in a single web map viewer. When it comes to managing repair and preventative maintenance work for assets that are spread across a large geographic area it’s best to use this map first approach.

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GeoWorx Sketch

A Comprehensive Redlining System

GeoWorx Sketch is a comprehensive redlining system used to enhance communication and collaboration throughout your enterprise. Sketch allows a distributed workforce to inform asset managers of changes made to the infrastructure as a result of performing inspection, installation, repair or other maintenance activities.

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