A Comprehensive Redlining System

GeoWorx Sketch is a comprehensive redlining system used to enhance communication and collaboration throughout your enterprise. Sketch allows a distributed workforce to inform asset managers of changes made to the infrastructure as a result of performing an inspection, installation, repair, or other maintenance activities.

Download a GeoWorx Sketch Brochure

Improve the Integrity of Your Enterprise GIS Data

With GeoWorx Sketch field workers can mark up a map and have the ability to include documents (e.g. photos, videos, pdfs, etc.) to inform asset managers of changes made to the infrastructure. These documents create a historical and digital record of data update requests ultimately improving the integrity of your data.

Expert Data Management

All GeoWorx Sketch records are organized in the Sketch Manager Table, which allows data editors to easily view records and navigate to the geographic location of the record simply by clicking on the Sketch record listed in the table. The markup images are also geo-referenced making them viewable within ArcMap alongside your enterprise data.

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Plugs into your existing web map application
  • Provides near real-time Sketch sharing across departments
  • Sketches may be attached to work orders & service requests (for Maximo Spatial)
  • Storage and retrieval from your existing enterprise Geodatabase with the Sketch Manager tool in ArcGIS for desktop