Top 10 Reasons to Use GeoWorx Sync

Naturally, we get a lot of questions about the features of our flagship product, GeoWorx Sync. To help answer these questions, we decided to compile a list of the most frequently asked about features. We hope this list answers many of your questions, though if you have further inquiries about any of our products you may always contact us at

Data Integration with GeoWorx Sync

1. GeoWorx Sync is COTS Software.

It is fully supported; from a company that is 100% focused on GIS-EAM integration.

2. GeoWorx Sync is Ready for your Enterprise NOW.

The implementation of GeoWorx Sync is easy and all of the configuration happens in a friendly GUI, allowing most customers to start synchronizing their GIS and EAM data within the workday!

3. GeoWorx Sync Supports the Esri Platform.

Do you update asset data in ArcGIS Desktop (or ArcMap), Collector, or any ArcGIS Online client? GeoWorx Sync supports the ENTIRE Esri platform….and requires ZERO changes to your data model and editing workflows.

4. Reporting.

GeoWorx Sync produces a full report of all data updates each time it runs, giving you verifiable and actionable results. This allows you to quickly and easily confirm that data is flowing as expected from GIS to EAM, and EAM to GIS.

5. Validation.

GeoWorx Sync uses our bullet-proof “full compare” methodology which ensures that all differences between your GIS and EAM data are detected and resolved. Even if you are already using automation scripts and escalations to update data, GeoWorx Sync should be run at least once per day to ensure that NO data changes were missed or lost. Otherwise, how will you ever know?

6. Synchronize Related / Hierarchical Data.

Do you use Esri relationship classes to relate assets and locations in GIS? GeoWorx Sync can access and synchronize related data to and from both Esri and EAM data sources.

7. Resolve Linear Splits.

GeoWorx Sync includes out-of-the-box split resolution functionality, automatically generating new assets and asset ids as necessary, as well as retiring pre-split assets. All of this is accomplished via simple configuration in GeoWorx Sync and requires NO changes to GIS editor workflows.

8. Calculated Values.

GeoWorx Sync can concatenate data from multiple attributes from one data source, then insert the resulting value into a single attribute in the target data source. For example, the description attribute in your EAM is often comprised of several individual attributes from GIS.

9. Value Translation.

GeoWorx Sync can translate values when synchronizing data between your GIS and EAM. This means there’s no need to change or reconcile your GIS and EAM domains – let GeoWorx Sync translate them for you on the fly.

10. Save Time and Money.

GeoWorx Sync supports efficient and sustainable workflows as well as a simplified, easily maintainable system architecture.

The Bottom Line:

GeoWorx Sync completes your data synchronization picture. It can be installed in minutes and requires no custom scripting or workflow changes. It enhances any current synchronization methodology you are using and ensures that NOTHING slips through the cracks. Most importantly, it is delivered as a COTS solution that is fully supported and maintained by GeoNexus staff.

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