GeoWorx Office Use Case

Three Geoworx Office Use Cases

GeoWorx® Office is a map-centric application that our clients use to view, edit, and create work from an external enterprise system within your Esri GIS web viewer. There are many reasons you may want a map-centric viewer for your enterprise. Viewing work and asset data on a map offers insight that you just can’t get from looking at tabular data. Below are three use cases for leveraging GeoWorx Office.

GeoWorx Office Use Case #1: Assigning Work to the Proper Assets

With GeoWorx Office, users easily navigate to an area to find the asset where work is required. As a result, it ensures you assign work to the right asset. In addition, it allows you to view a detailed record of that assets work history.

GeoWorx Office Use Case #2: Place Work at the Correct Geographic Location

Assigning work to the wrong asset is one of the most common problems we hear about. With GeoWorx Office, you can see if work is placed correctly and if not, quickly move it to the right asset. Additionally, you can move the work to the correct location along a linear asset to better depict its geographic location. After all, if the linear asset spans hundreds of feet, how do you know the location of the work along that asset? With GeoWorx Office you simply move the work to the correct location on the asset (as shown below).

GeoWorx Office Use Case #3: Eliminate the Potential for Duplicate WOs and SRs

GeoWorx Office gives users the ability to view all work orders and service requests on the map, eliminating the potential for duplicate WOs and SRs. Because of this capability, a user can simply zoom to the area where a request has been made. This capability allows to check to see if there is any existing work at the location that already matches that description. If not, the user may create the work.

The examples above illustrate many benefits that our users receive from GeoWorx Office. It assigns the correct work to the proper asset. It also increases the user’s accuracy of the geographic location of work performance. Finally, it eliminates assigning duplicate work and service requests. Consequently, their staff is able to make better decisions about assigning, tracking, and executing work.

About GeoWorx Office

GeoWorx Office is an insertable widget available through Esri’s ArcGIS Web AppBuilder that supports both GIS and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) functionality in a single web map viewer. This capability allows for map-centric work planning and execution for tasks. These tasks include viewing asset information, work history, and creating and viewing work requests, work orders, and service requests from your existing EAM within your Esri web map.

About GeoNexus Technologies

At GeoNexus Technologies our mission is to ensure integrity and reliability of enterprise data to support effective decision making. We provide GeoWorx®, an enterprise-grade integration platform that is easy to use, reliable. GeoWorx® includes out-of-the-box connectors for Esri® ArcGIS®, IBM® Maximo, SAP®, ABB® Ellipse, Oracle® Utilities, and other leading enterprise systems.  Asset-intensive organizations across the globe use GeoWorx® in industries including utilities, telecommunications, pipeline, transportation, and government.

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