Extending GeoWorx Office Through Custom Widgets and Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

There are many advantages that come from using the Esri® Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS® as a platform for creating purpose-built web mapping applications. Users can easily create apps for the web that run on any device or browser without coding. There is also a developer version of Web AppBuilder where apps can be extended with custom widgets to provide additional functionality to meet specific business requirements, ultimately solving problems and increasing productivity.

Because of this flexibility, GeoNexus Technologies chose to use Web AppBuilder to build GeoWorx® Office, an app that provides map-centric work and asset management capabilities for asset intensive organizations like Utilities, Telecommunications, and Public Works. GeoWorx Office is a custom widget that enables communication between ArcGIS and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems including: ABB Ellipse®, Maximo®, and Oracle Work and Asset Management (WAM). Users can create, edit, move, and view work orders and service requests as well as view detailed information and work history for an asset all within their existing GIS web map. Below is a screenshot of the GeoWorx Office widget inside of the Web AppBuilder.

One of the key advantages of using Web AppBuilder for GeoWorx Office is the ability for users to create their own widgets or add any of the free widgets available from Esri to extend the functionality. For example, one of our customers added the Utility Isolation Trace Widget to GeoWorx Office to provide the ability to easily identify the valves to close in order to isolate a water main during a main break event. Working with GeoWorx Office the valve features selected from the isolation trace can be sent to the EAM, in this case IBM Maximo, to create work orders to open, close, and inspect the valves. Another example is using the NH NearMe Search Widget (by William Pelchat) to identify assets that are near a specified location using a buffer operation. The selected assets can be sent to the EAM using the GeoWorx Office widget to create preventative maintenance work orders.

A good place to get started on finding these gems is of course Esri’s website – under ArcGIS Solutions. You can also learn about widgets available via the regularly updated page on Esri GeoNet.

Want more information on how your organization can leverage the Web AppBuilder and the many free and for purchase widgets to enhance your web map capabilities? Give us a call at 866-839-4993 or email us at info@geo-nexus.com and we’ll connect you with one of our Web AppBuilder Developers to show you how this platform can help meet your requirements.

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2 thoughts on “Extending GeoWorx Office Through Custom Widgets and Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

  1. 1) Can this be configured such that the connection can be switched from live to cached/disconnected wherein actions are “saved” for re-connection when the wifi connection is temporarily lost?

    2) Also, if you have 200 people in the field and you have a 8-10 GIS layers that are continually being “refeshed” and used “live”, what sort of data costs (ESRI AGO data usage buckets) are you seeing from your customers? Can you give a rough estimate, dollar-wise?

    1. 1) The GeoWorx widget can stay open when disconnected, but users will not be able to create/modify/retrieve any records.

      2) All map layers are live change so every action (pan/zoom) will reload the features within the current extent. Can you send us a message at info@geo-nexus.com so we can provide more information?

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