GeoNexus’ Week at the Esri UC

It’s been almost two weeks since we returned from the Esri User Conference, but we’re still feeling the excitement and inspiration from being surrounded by 16,000 GIS users. To give you a taste of GeoNexus’ Week at the Esri UC 2017, we asked Beth Sample (our Implementation Specialist/Esri UC newbie) to reflect on her first conference. She describes her experience below and even made an Esri Story Map so you can “tour” our week in San Diego.

Esri UC Novice – Beth Sample

After first learning I would be representing GeoNexus at the Esri User Conference this year, I was both excited and nervous to get out there and spread the knowledge of data integration. As a conference novice, I was relatively uncertain what I should expect… and starting out with one of the largest conferences in the GIS community was something I did not overlook! After spending hours preparing demonstrations for several different products, asset management systems, and utilities, I felt confident in my ability to represent GeoNexus and eager to make the trip out to San Diego.

Lindsay and I spent some quality time together constructing our vibrant booth – something Skip later referenced as a sort of ‘Rite of Passage’ for vendors and an experience that should not be missed. Our hard work with set-up and demo preparation lead to many in-depth conversations with users from all over the world. Through our three days of demonstrations, I found it interesting that the majority of the individuals that stopped by to learn more about our solution were all struggling with the same data integrity issues – in that their asset management systems were not well aligned or synchronized with their GIS system.

As a GeoNexus employee beginning to emerge from behind the desk in the office, I really appreciated being able to get in front of every-day users. Helping to inspire others about the possibility of creating a well aligned and streamlined asset management workflow, with the use of GeoNexus’ products, was a rewarding experience. I am looking forward to working with the contacts we made and finding a solution that will work for their enterprise.

Outside of GeoNexus’ specialty, it was incredible to see so many ‘Geo Geeks’ in one building! With the ability to meet with professionals at the UC and other social events, I realized just how connected our industry is. While we all may be interested in different realms of GIS, it is a very welcoming group of open-minded teams and individuals, all working toward creating a better future using ‘The Science of Where.’

Take a look at what we were up to in San Diego by viewing our Story Map below!

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